Why I Hate Rejection Letters

Maybe I am being overly sensitive about this and maybe this is an unreasonable qualm but god do I hate rejection letters. I was reading a rejection letter today and I could feel bitterness and annoyance welling up and gurgling in my cauldron. I wanted to rip the email from my computer screen and shred it out of existence. So why the melodramatic response? I don’t know…Something about the informal politeness, the detached nature, the pretense of sympathy just k.o.ed me. As I read the email I could imagine an apathetic person sitting behind the screen, impatiently typing so that he could get back to his life once he is done. I know that rejection letters are not meant to be oh poor you, poor baby laments, nor do I expect them to be. However, something about them seems mechanical. It almost seems like an automated voicemail. Rejection letters seem very formulaic. Insert bad news, insert a sorry too bad for you(except written elaborately), insert a try again. Maybe not all rejection letters are that bad. Or maybe it’s not just the writing but the writing coupled with the rejection that burns. But so far I have encountered very irksome rejection letters. I must admit they are tricky things. How can someone write a rejection letter with genuine sentiments to someone he does not know or feel personal attachment to?
It’s not even that I expect a whole hearted letter. However, the sorry, not sorry content, just no.


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